Linux System Engineer (Ops) Czech
Linux System Engineer (Czech)


For our sister company INUITS, specialized in OpenSource consultancy (Infrastructure & Development), we are looking for a System Engineer with a strong experience on Linux Admnistration. Come and be part of a highly skilled OpenSource team for our internal and external projects.

We are an OpenSource shop looking for people skilled in different languages.


- 2+ years of Linux administration skills with proven troubleshooting and optimization skills;
- Several years of experience working with OpenSource virtualization tools like Xen and KVM;
- Working experience in enterprise infrastructures;
- Excellent Linux Enterprise engineering skills;
- Excellent automation/scripting skills: Bash, Perl, Python;
- You're not afraid of Java, Ruby or any other programming language;
- You have experience with configuration management frameworks such as Puppet or Chef;
- You have a strong desire to automate an infrastructure;
- Terms like CI, CD, DevOps and tools like Jenkins, Vagrant etc. are not new to you;
- Dutch or French mother tongue, fluent in English.


- Communicative;
- Flexible;
- Structured.


- Experience in dealing with product owners/development groups;
- Experience in interacting with non-IT departments;
- Experience in interacting with software developers, or having a software development background;
- Real DevOps enthusiasts are most eagerly welcomed;
- You have worked in a development environment before, close to (Java) developers is certainly a plus.


This job offers you technical challenges and responsibilities in a dedicated team of experts. We offer a competitive remuneration package, a friendly working environment, a highly process-oriented approach to creation and continuous learning opportunities.


Inhouse: Czech Republic
Projects: CZ


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