Test automator

Formal Education

Higher Education or equivalent through work experience at that level


At least 3 years of experience in test analysis or technical testing;



Domain Business Knowledge.



French or Dutch


Defect Management;

Experience with Test Tools, Test Environment Configuration and Management and Test Data Management


Client Value & Service Excellence: 
Resilience: adjusts positively to situations that involve rapidly changing tasks, shifting priorities, simultaneous demands or transitions into new assignments;

Interpersonal Understanding: Demonstrates ability to empathize with colleagues and clients in order to better understand their needs or concerns.

Continuous Learning & Self Development: Keeps up to date with trends and developments in all areas of the Testing Lifecycle.


Attention to Detail: -Applies thoroughness to all aspects of work performed;
-Considers non-functional requirements;

Presentation : Brings ideas and thoughts in a clear focused manner using effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques and listens to others in return;

Organisational awareness: -Can make the connection between client drivers and technical options to recommend appropriate solutions.
-Interprets business requirements, business processes and technical architectures and designs and uses them as basis for the testing solution;
-Assesses the impact of a variety of functional solutions for the client business;
Technology Awareness: Keeps up to date with overall trends and changes in the technology market and in detail with those that are relevant to one’s area of professional expertise;

Ability to work in an international/multi-cultural environment.