Junior Java
Java ConsultantWe’re looking for motivated Java developers with a passion for open-sourcetechnology to support our cloud integration projects.In this job you will be part of a multi-disciplinary and international team. Each with their one expertise but all  sharing the same goal: to come up with the best advise and working software solutions for our clients.The CSD practice will welcome you and is focused on application development and integration. We’re all about connecting the dots in architectures, and to do that we push the limits of technology and continuously challenge ourselves and our clients.We help you grow as a person and give you opportunities to further expand your knowledge. In order to achieve that, we offer several kind of training possibilities (technical but also related to soft skills) This will help you to achieve great results. It is difficult to give a technical checklist for this position because technology is changing at high pace and what we use today can be outdated tomorrow. Therefore we are looking for people with a passion for technology and the eagerness to learn whether you’re Spring or EE, REST or SOAP.